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Opi Nail Apps Lacquer Reptile

OPI Nail Apps Pure Lacquer Reptile Ap 106

Additional Product Info:
AP 106 CREAMS COLLECTIONReptilePure Lacquer Nail AppsCONTAINS 16 PRE-CUT STRIPS100% real lacquer in a strip form! Pure Lacquer Nail Apps give an instant manicure with base, color and top coat all in one strip.Pure Lacquer Nail Apps are a collection of precut nail strips that give an instant manicure with gorgeous detailed designs. Nail Apps are flexible and can be stretched for a perfect fit. Beautiful designs with high gloss brilliant color for an amazing nail lacquer effect. ? Long Lasting wear? Zero dry time? Made of 100% real nail lacquer? Adheres to nails in seconds? Detailed designs that no salon tech can replicate ? Can be used on toes? Remove with OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover? Each pack contains 16 strips to fit all nails? Look for professional programs How To Use:1. Start with clean, dry nails2. Remove top clear film; peel strip away from backing3. Place strip on nail and smooth4. Crease strip at nail edge; file off excess in a downward motionRemove with lacquer remover.Use immediately after opening; air will dry strip out

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